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Before this visit, I had never been to an acupuncturist.  I was very nervous, but Marcella’s calm demeanor made me feel very at ease.  She started by reviewing my intake forms and asking questions about my general health, noting specific areas of concern as marked on my forms.  She then rested her fingers on my wrists, like she was taking my pulse.  It seemed as though she was listening to my body, and even gave me kind of a psychic vibe, as she gently inquired about certain health concerns that I was definitely having but hadn’t told her about.  In general she seemed very intuitive.  She knew what she was looking for and how to look for it, and made sure that I was comfortable the whole time.

Marcella is a great RTT therapist. Her calm and suiting voice effectively helped me shed light on the root cause of my issue. I felt so relieved and relaxed after the session. Thank you Marcella for this transformational session.

Audrey M.

Kelly S.

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